Sunday, June 4, 2017

Evolution Day

So many cloudy thoughts and answerless questions, pervasive worry and encapsulating fears. So, I confront myself, “Are these thoughts truly necessary? Is thinking this way helpful in any way?”

I say NO! I declare today Liberation Day. Today, I liberate myself from myself and the borage of mental and emotional bombs being dropped on my psyche from internal sources, from external sources, and from the vibe of helplessness and hopelessness that is permeating the consciousness of many of us through the highways and biways of news and social media. On this Liberation Day I have chosen to not buy into that deafening noise.

Today, I declare myself limitless. I am an unstoppable creative force in the world, and I will spread this message with my joy and compassion and love. I am a miracle, and I will share that with all the other miracles I engage with today. Together we claim this day to be Liberation Day!

So, tomorrow when we awake to an amazing new day, what shall we claim the day to be?

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