Sunday, September 14, 2014

Seven Generations

Native Vision

There he sat quietly observing sparks crackling off the campfire. He took a toke of the pipe blend of herbs and tobacco, and paused cupping the pipe in his right hand. His eyes stared beyond the flames into the images and shapes created by their dance. Sachem took a breath as if readying himself for a grand discourse yet still searching the flames for that final glimpse of information found in the skipping lights, broke his gaze, straightened his back and handed the pipe to the next elder.

“The world is at the precipice of necessary decisions and changes. It is no longer a place of wise and thoughtful choices. Our ancestors taught us to consider the previous and future seven generations in each life decision. This is no longer done. Humanity serves itself-its own immediate needs. This has caused great harm to the earth and the minds of her human inhabitants.”

Sachem paused, looked down to the ground beneath him to gather his thoughts. When he looked up, his gaze went to each face surrounding the fiery pit. Those beings of light and compassion were his tribe, his friends, his family. All dear to him.

“You must know,” my friends, “that everything hangs in the balance. Decisions may lead either to the greatest destruction or the most significant paradigm shift witnessed by Mother Earth since human history. The directions where we are headed will affect the quality of life for our children in ways unparalleled. This evening, we have gathered to offer our most powerful prayers to the Great Spirit for a world where the suffering of the earth, her air, waters, four-legged and two-legged inhabitants will not be tolerated. Where greed and power are replaced with compassion and unity. Oh Great Spirit, Greatest of Mysteries, we ask for a vision of a peace stronger than the mighty tide, for a wisdom deeper than the ocean floor and for a compassion to reign higher than the tallest of mountains. Let it be so.”

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