Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Shift

The drama occurring in the world is abounding, but that neither explains or excuses today’s inhumanity. I am not turning a blind eye to the wide scale happenings on our planet now. I, instead, am hoping to promote another way of thinking in the face of it.

Highest Denominator

Sharing compassion and encouraging the highest human common denominator is the most powerful force for change. I believe this change in consciousness can be the only viable and lasting solution. 

Humans are hard-wired to resist and distrust change. A change in consciousness is by far the most threatening action we can take as it requires an unprecedented shift in perspective that challenges our very nature, but we can do it. In fact, it is a responsibility we each must rise to.


When we look to an outward source for change, we are vulnerable to the abuses and misuses of power, and we remain powerless. Then we blame this outside force by pointing our fingers like children saying, “He did it,” or “She did it!”.

This will not get us far. The act of blaming is in itself angry and aggressive. Just pointing your finger at someone in anger causes both the recipient and the pointer to decay in spirit. Negativity is perpetuated. Worse even, while we are blaming, the important tasks of healing ourselves and our planet go by the wayside.

We can't change the world this way.


What we do individually is at the heart of change. We choose within each moment to transcend unhealthy patterns in order to minimize the harm to ourselves and the world around us. The responsibility for a better world is made by shifting our awareness back to ourselves. It takes a combination of courage and gentleness to accomplish this, but this is how we change the world. 

Each of us is under attack daily by society, our families and especially ourselves telling us we are not good enough. We are harmed by individuals who are wounded and often too entrenched in their own suffering to have an awareness of the pain they are inflicting. The greatest brutality, however, is that which we cause ourselves.

We can start the shift in consciousness by paying attention to our thoughts, and noticing how cruel they can be. When we walk by a mirror, we might tell ourselves we are too fat, too short, too this and not enough that. We do this so frequently, we have become numb to the assault. Next time you find yourself in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye tell yourself with kindness just how wonderful you truly are.

Around You

Find a moment to share a kindness with someone else. You might surprise them as you pause from your routine to extend a hand, or a positive word. What a special surprise! It may be exactly what someone needed to help get them through the day.

There’s an unhealthy notion in society stemming from not feeling good enough. Perhaps we fear by lifting up another, they might become too confident, too successful or rise too far above us. This plays out in situations of envy and control, but let's challenge this notion. It’s not necessary to knock anyone down. That strategy never works to anyone’s true benefit anyway.

I am excited about tomorrow to try more kindness and compassion, and the opportunity to add to the meaning and health of the world one small action after another. I realize the more kindness we give out, more gets created...

And, this is how we change the world.