Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spreading the Virus of Compassion

Compassion is the most critically needed solution to most of our ills individually and globally. Let me share my vision of focused intention for global well-being.

Visualization in Action

Every morning while walking around a nearby lake with my best buddy Kona, my dog, I perform a ritual where, first, I hold the vision in my mind of a time I felt most fulfilled and happy. I meld with that feeling and allow it to encompass my thoughts and feelings. From there, I focus that feeling into a vision of now. I affirm within that feeling all that I envision for my life in the present. For example, I envision the love and friendships I wish to be surrounded by, the goals I wish to accomplish, the home I wish to live in, the work I hope to do, and I say each affirmation aloud as if it IS already in my life. After each affirmation, I pause to feel what it would be like to experience what I am affirming.

I am committed to this process for one full year of daily focus. I am willing to face my fears and doubts as they arise whenever I connect to my visions and intentions, and stay committed to dissolving the mental and emotional blockages I encounter by acknowledging them, but not accepting them as reality.

Something I intend to include more regularly in my morning visualization is a world where compassion is the paramount virtue. I see it first manifesting in my own life by the way in which I choose to interact with the world around me. I envision it from my casual interactions to my life choices. Then I visualize the globe lighting up in vibrant color with the spread of compassion as weapons are put down, fear is replaced with tolerance – and, in my mind, I see embraces over threats, and a dedication to the quality of all life so strong that no amount of corrupt intent can penetrate it.

I visualize this not only because this is my hope for the world, but because I am choosing to direct my thoughts to positive outcomes. Is it naive to hope for a peaceful, compassionate world? No...and directing my mind to positive outcomes rather than allowing thoughts to pull me down to the lowest common denominator of insecurity, selfishness, greed and the like simply feels better. And, wouldn't it be better to spread more uplifting thoughts aiming for the highest common human good? It couldn't hurt, right?

Out of the Spiritual Closet

I have held my beliefs close to my heart, and out of view except with those who were like-minded, could understand, or be tolerant of them. Of course, my beliefs come into greater focus when you learn I’m a vegetarian, meditate, and – yes – believe in the power of focused intention.

For example, I was miserable at a previous job (please read:, I was dedicated to changing my circumstance. Aside from sending out numerous resumes and attending interviews, I envisioned a well-paying position in or related to teaching. I further visualized the benefits and kind of student population I hoped to serve. I imagined how it would feel to sign a contract for the position I wanted with the compensation I desired. 

...And, by the way, the job I now have pays several thousand more than the one I had with a fancy title, and I'm doing what I love. Now, what if we all focused our intentions? AND what if the goal was compassion? 

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