Saturday, October 25, 2014

World Wishes

I wish for amazing”ness” and the exceptional.

I wish for a world of kind gestures and inclusiveness where love and compassion overpower all ills, all wrongs and all fears. The smallest, the oldest and the weakest are engulfed in belonging and no one goes hungry, is harmed by fear or struggles to have a voice.

I wish for a world of sharing where we support one another’s well being and the advancement of individual potential. We create, innovate and inspire with our work and through our actions.

I wish for a world of gentleness where we unite to enhance the quality of life for each individual, every creature and consider the value of even a single blade of grass. Here, we strive for healing, inspire service and seek to help the lonely, the frightened, and lost.

I wish for a world where we grow up bathed in love and learn there are no limits to possibility  Where we believe in amazingness and the exceptional. 

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