Friday, June 10, 2016

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Self-help Thoughts

I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a business guru from the 1980’s which showcased his impressive rags to riches story. He was also building the necessary background knowledge in order to sell his business know-how in a Law-of-Attractionesque platform. His rise to fame and fortune pre-dated the principles in The Law of Attraction, but incorporated some of the principles. 

My first knee-jerk to feel like a failure for not having manifested the vast riches he said was my birthright. My second feeling was feeling silly for having the first feeling. I still learned from this man’s teachings.


When I reflected on my deeper values and beliefs this video confronted, I developed this response: I believe in the power of focused intention and positive thinking as a way to transform our lives and inspire others. Making and having money is also a worthy goal. Money as the ultimate goal, however, frequently falls short because money alone does not fill the voids we each have. Is it really money we crave or something else?

Believing we are failures because our thoughts haven’t produced the wealth or success we want materially is just not condusive well-being. It promotes self-blame. Therefore, instead of empowering us to attain our potential, we get stuck blaming ourselves for not attaining what the guru is telling we should have.

The dysfunctional side of capitalism is at work when the mentality of acquiring more, More, MORE! takes over our consciousness. This thinking has gobbled up and exploited people, countries, and most especially our beautiful planet along with precious resources and the many other amazing beings living here. 

Additionally, I gleaned from the video, to amass our fortunes, we must become businessmen and women. What is our talents lie elsewhere? What if our passions lead us to professions that are not high-paying? Then we are squandering resources of a diffferent kind. We are using people's gifts and passions to the fullest.

I did agree with the man's work ethic, however. He worked hard. He encouraged his audience to put in a six-day work week and allow the seventh day for reflection on correction or improvement of the past week. The emphasis was on dedication. Although I don’t think it’s ever necessary to work yourself to the point of burn-out and exhaustion in the name of dedication. That is neither productive nor very kind to yourself. Still, it is dedication that spurs us from thought to action. 

Spiritual Currents meet Capitalism

Today’s ideas state that if you are in alignment, the universe resonates to that vibration, and you attract more of what you desire to you. The converse is also said to be true. For example, if your mind is a cluttered mess of unproductive, low-vibrational thinking, you will draw that to you as well.

Although I strongly agree with the benefits of focused intention and directing our thoughts to a higher level, I wish to add is a different emphasis. This current thinking is primarily on getting, but what about giving? And what about the blame aspect if changing our thoughts isn’t bringing us what we thought we wanted? I believe a truly expanded consciousness is about giving in equal measure to getting if not more when possible. Our earth gives us so much. We keep taking, yet the empty space inside us remains unfilled. Then my question is - How can we fill those spaces without exploiting everything around us?

My answer is with compassion. (more to come)

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