Saturday, May 9, 2015

A New Year

Living Fully

It is time to take on the challenge of living fully. The quote leading this post sums it up best, "Don't live the same year over for 75 years and call it a life."

A lot of people have resonated to this message. In essence, your life is meant to be lived. Living, I mean truly living, entails risk, the willingness and strength to change, the ability to flow and let go.

Living life fully has to have a different map for each of us. One-of-a-kind goals and life circumstances prevents a one-size-fits-all set of steps. I believe, though, there are guideposts and universal truths which can assist us as we map out our own course. For many, that idea implies struggle, but it can also be viewed as part of the adventure of a fully engaged life.

Life Map

A map would have been a great help for me as I went in directions that fulfilled other's expectations and those of society, as I perceived them, rather than my own. It took me years to understand that my road can't look like anyone else's for this simple reason: I am not them.

I have been and remain a seeker, but I now add finder to the list of descriptors. By way of a map, I follow the teachings of those who have attained what I aspire to, and I follow the knowing inside me that says "This is right". "This is right" is a different experience than "This is comfortable". It has taken me years to know the difference.

There IS a difference. "This is right" can feel like many things including "This is damn scary" and even, "This is crazy". It can feel like stepping out into the void and into a free fall where you’re not certain when, if or how you're going to land. You will land as have all the people who have taken the same leap before you, and so will I. You just won't be able to predict when and where.

The simple truth is our time on this walkabout called life floats by on a breeze and is gone. One day has the potential of blending into the next. One year can bleed into another without differentiation. Then it’s over before most had a chance to get going. Personally, I intend to make my time count, and give it my best: Love, share, take risks, smell the roses, create meaning and live.

Today is the start of a new year. What do plan to do with it?

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