Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Conscious Consumer

Ethical Consumers purchase with a conscience. They influence companies and the directions they go with their ethical purchasing power.

Sustaining nature in balance with the needs of humanity is the goal of sustainability. Bottom line, we need to exist in harmony with our natural surroundings. An ethical consumer chooses to respect the environment and it’s inhabitants. 

She refuses to support the suffering of any other living being through the use animal testing. I encourage you to look for the rabbit symbol on all your health and beauty products indicating cruelty free. 

Whenever possible, go organic. This means your products are free of additives such as dyes, pesticides, anti-biotics and other nasty things I personally prefer not to have in my body, on my skin or dispersed in my environment. 

Also included among my choices are non-GMO products. I am trying to avoid being part of the experiment to see what the human costs are of tampering with the genetic material of plants. Once DNA is altered, it can't be changed back. Remember to look for labels displaying the non-GMO symbol like the one below. Be on the look out for other variations as well.

Fair trade, put simply, means everyone connected to the production process is treated fairly to avoid the exploitation of workers associated with the products you purchase.

An ethical consumer is invested in protecting themselves, their loved ones, our beautiful planet and the future of all her inhabitants. I am encouraged by some of the positive changes I am witnessing in consumer choices and urge consumers to continue to drive positive changes toward a healthier way of existing that is about compassionate, intelligent and healthy buying choices.

Be passionate about your future…our future. 

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