Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday of Compassion

 A Step Further 

This holiday season, let’s take the things we typically complain about and flip them around. For example, where I live, the traffic is awful. It has taken me as much as an hour and a half to go twelve miles from home to work during rush hour. Beating the traffic has become a personal mission. Today, instead of my usual complaining, I have chosen to be thankful for my trusty-old Toyota, and live where the standard of living generally supports my ability to keep my car going. 

Maybe each of us can find that one daily challenge and turn it around to a place of gratitude even if only for a short time - just to see if you can. OK, you are now ready for the next step.

I would like us to give someone else a reason to be thankful. It can be anyone - a friend or colleague whose family is not close and they need someone to share the holiday with. It could be providing a meal for someone without the means or volunteering for a cause you resonate with. And, remember the little things are just as important– smile at your neighbor, open a door for someone needing a hand, give up your seat on the metro or whatever you feel motivated to do that gives another person a reason to be thankful.

Sharing a compassionate act with another creates meaning not only for the lives you touch, but for you. It makes sense to do this. It’s good for you, good for others and good for the world. 

...In fact, I believe acts of compassion are an integral part of creating a better world for everyone. 

I am thankful for each one of you who has taken the time to read my blog. Happy Holidays.

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