Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Potential

The Dream

Riding on the metro, Lee’s thoughts drifted off to where he would be if he could live the life he wanted.

Lee read in one of his Facebook memes that creative people tend to be night owls. He agreed if for no other reason than to validate his creative side. That’s when I have my best inspirations, he thought to himself.

His first poem reflected the struggles of his own childhood. His words were so raw, rich, and beautifully crafted that they jumped off the page and into a vision of his classmates and teachers who were transported by his talent.

After high school, Lee missed the opportunities he experienced to share his world of creative inspiration with others. He couldn’t go off to college like his friends, but his mother managed to contribute some funds toward a creative writing class at the local community college. He blossomed there.

Lee’s first ever short story involved a thoughtful utopian world without the need or interference of money. His instructor was so impressed with his execution of ideas, she encouraged him to publish in the Student Collection - the college’s literary magazine. 

Lee was proud to see his work in print and brought home extra copies to share with his mom, sister and college friends. They praised him. He still remembers how great it felt to be acknowledged for what he loved doing.

The Box

This morning, Lee woke up at 5 a.m. in order to get to his job as an intake clerk at the hospital. He hated getting up so early. More than that, he hated what he was doing to make ends meet and how depleted of joy it made him feel.

For Lee, there was nothing creative about entering patient data into the computer. Lee’s boss complained he was too slow and was causing backlogs of patients. This just made him more unhappy. Not only was he not able to do anything that inspired him, he was berated for trying his best to adapt to a life of compromise.

Lee felt trapped in a life he didn’t feel belonged to him. He was a writer, an inventor - a man of creative thought. How did he end up here with a boss who couldn’t see his potential in a world he felt relegated him to an empty life.

A World without Money

Lee always felt he was onto something when had written about a utopian society where the citizens shared the mundane tasks of maintenance such as street cleaning, trash collecting and the like, but were encouraged to grow into their passions and talents - and into their potential without money being a limiting factor.

If you wanted to heal, for example, you could become a doctor and your dream was supported. If you were interested in making words explode with imagery, you were supported to become a writer-and much, much more.

Lee’s utopia believed in the value of a realized human being as opposed to the slave labor mentality Lee faced going to work as a desk clerk. He worked under a boss also beaten down by the weight of a world that didn’t care what happened to either of them. Their souls were in bondage. 

Lee believed the way out for all people engulfed in this feeling of bondage was to remove money as an obstacle for developing the greatest resource of all - human potential.

Lee's Book

Lee’s mom supported his writing, but encouraged it as a hobby. She too had had dreams left unrealized. However, she tried to derive satisfaction from her job as a teacher’s aide in the morning and a convenience store clerk in the evening. She accepted her fate as truth and thought she was doing her son a favor by helping him accept his as well.

Lee’s spirit was strong. Although he felt his job sucked the joy out of him. He was determined to come home each night and write. He was writing a book based on the utopian society rooted in compassion and focused on developing human potential.

Lee is asking all of you to keep an eye out for Moneyless Potential: Living Free from Financial Bondage - a guide for developing a world that lifts the spirit of humanity, utilizes individual gifts and recognizes value.

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