Thursday, October 2, 2014

Money in the New Age

The Experiment

“I am a money magnet. I am a money magnet. I AM a money magnet.” Alesha whispered these words quietly as she hurried herself to the bus stop to catch the 11A to work.

Ten days ago, Alesha was given a book of affirmations by her colleague and friend, Dana. It lay on the table for a couple of days before she finally decided to see what the buzz was about.
She flipped open the book to page 57 in the section called Creating Abundance. The first page promised her a better future if she could replace her original negative thinking with one that believed in prosperity. Under the informational text was a list of affirmations.

“I love money and it loves me.” Nope. Too silly. How can money love me?“ Money is my constant companion.” That sounded better, but her mind conjured up a dog made of money. She was concerned what that affirmation might manifest. The next one was, “I am a money magnet.” She visualized herself as a giant magnet wrapped in 50 and 100 dollar bills. Ok. I can get behind that. Although skeptical, Alesha was committed to try. More like, she was desperate to find relief from her mounting bills and responsibilities.

21 days
As per the book’s instructions, Alesha chanted her affirmation seven times in three, five or seven cycles. She did wonder why not four, six or eight, but decided not to mess with the recipe. She did this religiously morning and night. At night, when she was tired, she couldn’t remember if she chanted six or seven times. So, she started from the beginning of the cycle all the way through to the end. She thought the more she chanted, the more money she would get.

Alesha woke on the 21st day of chanting excited about what the day would bring. “I AM a money magnet!,” she proclaimed with the conviction of a 21st dayer! All day, Alesha waited for signs of increased abundance.

What happened on that 21st day? Nothing out of the ordinary. The same bills were there to be paid with the same pay check from a job she still worked hard at and still disliked. She was disappointed and disillusioned.

The next day, Alesha placed the book in her bag. She intended to return it and let Dana know how ridiculous she felt for wasting her time on such nonsense. She planned to leave out the part where she spent every free moment even while in the shower reciting her new abundance mantra.

On the way to catch her bus, Alesha was focused on how to improve her circumstances. She began considering ways to complete her degree and get a job more in line with what she enjoyed doing.

As the bus stopped to collect passengers, Alesha laughed out loud. She had to admit the affirmation did work - in a way. It didn’t wrap her in paper bills as she had hoped. It did, however, focus her on creating the changes she needed to improve her life.

Alesha wasn’t ready to admit affirmations worked, or whether the Law of Attraction was real. She was willing to concede that like attracts like, and that positive thinking, a positive attitude and perception was key to being a happier person.

As a former marketing major, she had to wonder about the origin of this notion of prosperity consciousness and unlimited abundance...

Was it New Age Capitalism at work? Had the mentality of acquiring more and more wealth infiltrated the alternative communities as deeply as it had the rest of society? Had this marketing strategy created a whole philosophy that sold books and had people chanting money mantras in the middle of the night? Had a universal truth been stumbled upon? 

Alesha decided all the answers to these questions were "yes". Affirmations were not magic, nor did they give anyone the right to exploit the planet and her natural resources in the name of abundance. 

However, through her 21 day practice, Alesha felt she had burned away a fog that was prohibiting her from moving forward. She viewed her life and the road she wanted to take with greater clarity. She learned about the power of focused intention combined with an opening to better possibilities.

It would still be one step at a time. One hopeful step at a time.

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