Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Organic?

Organic Health

My Story

Sometimes a detriment and often a benefit to my overall well-being, why was my favorite word. This characteristic, although annoying to my mother, caused me to not take things on face value, to ask questions, and to live life according to my own assessments.

As a teenager, I began using natural products. To me, they tasted better, smelled better and felt better. Granted, I was the weird kid who liked her vegetables and was always experimenting mixing this ingredient with that to see what would happen; but it was at that time, I became dedicated to living a healthy and natural life.

Healthy and Ethical

I have chosen to use organic products whenever possible as they are free of additives such as dyes, pesticides, anti-biotics and other nasty things I choose not to have in my body, on my skin or dispersed in my environment.

Included in my choices are non-GMO products. I am trying not to be a part of the experiment to see what the human costs are of tampering with the genetic material of plants. I encourage you to do the same and look for labels displaying the non-GMO symbol.

Organic products are beneficial in more ways than you and I know. What I do know is they support health as they are richer in nutrients needed for health such as vitamins and minerals. They are free of harmful chemicals including pesticides. Organically grown products are safe for animals and all other life we need to support on our planet for their health and well-being. Most of all, by choosing organic, we are protecting our future and the lives of the many generations to come.

We are currently unaware of all the damaging effects the use of the varied chemicals and GMOs will have on us, our environment and our future. It is critical we make safe and ethical choices to safeguard our planet and protect our future.

Choose the Future

Join the organic Revolution

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