Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bullies of Greed


All she could do is drop to her knees in tears. Just one more person wanting something from her she didn’t have.

Lizbeth moved into her apartment with her old and dear friend, Sparky-her 16 year Maltese and closest family member. Lizbeth made a promise to the individuals she loved most, her mom and gentle, old dog. She said she would be there until the end for both of them and she was.

She first lost her mom to cancer. It was devastating as, besides one little dog, she was the only individual who Lizbeth had in the world to count on. The only family member who remembered her on holidays, called her on her birthday and made her feel she had value to add just by being alive - Except for the one old dog who remained fiercely loyal until the end.

The end came all too soon for Lizbeth. For her furry friend, it was just her time. Lizbeth figured the little dog hung in just for her because Sparky knew how lonely she was. But her little friend no longer derived joy from life with declining health. They said goodbye one sunny October morning.

New Friend

Lizbeth swore to never get another dog. It was just too hard to say goodbye until, one day, a co-worker came in with a photo of a litter of adorable puppies. Of course, with her broken heart, she longed for a friend. She agreed to “just look”. Does anyone ever just look at puppies? She came home that weekend with Kylie, her knew friend.

Kylie was a Bichon puppy. She required a zillion shots among the myriad of needs puppies have. All very expensive. Lizbeth lived on a counselor's salary, but she couldn’t keep him there without proof of upkeep required by the building. She complied. She also paid the $400.00 non-refundable pet deposit and an additional $40 per month pet fee.

Being a puppy, she had to learn many things like where to go to the bathroom, not to eat shoes and much much more. Her favorite pastime was digging. She dug up all the corners of the carpet in every room.

When Lizbeth’s lease was up. She decided it was best for her to move. The rent was too high given she had to cope with unexpected medical expenses including a surgery.

She informed her management office that her puppy had dug up pieces of the wall-to-wall carpeting. They told her she would need to pay for cleaning and carpet replacing.

Lizbeth had just had an expensive surgery with needed follow-up visits and no one to turn to for help. She was devastated that an additional cost on top all the pet fees was being charged for a carpet that was in only OK shape upon move-in.

A friend in the business told her it cost the apartment corporation only $200.00 per apartment and the expected life of the carpet was two years. She inquired why her pet fees didn’t cover this. Instead of answering her, they accused her of doing the move-out process wrong and threatened to charge her more money on top of the cleaning and carpeting.

She figured she would have to cancel the needed doctor appointments among other sacrifices just to make it through the next couple of months. Perhaps she could move some items herself ahead of time. She knew she shouldn’t while still healing, but she wasn’t given much choice.

Aside from the losses in her life, she was being bullied by corporate greed-a cold impersonal business who could care less of her life struggles and how hard she was trying just to survive.

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